Pharmaceutical Client Deploys Single Platform: IVR, Transcription & Telecom for Reduced Costs and Improved Customer Experience.

About The Client
Global pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and research company with 50,000+ employees supporting multiple brands across therapeutic areas.

The Challenge
The customer’s main challenge was to reduce costs and improve customer experience across brands. Each brand was utilizing separate vendors for teleservices needs, including Voice Response Unit (VRU), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), transcription, call-routing, call recording and storage, and SMS. This caused an extremely fragmented customer experience across and within brands. Although vendors shared some similarities in capabilities, none of them could provide all the required functionality without cobbling together partnerships, leading to multiple “integrations” or file transfers between vendors and increasing risk of customer confusion and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, this caused several miscommunications, finger pointing amongst vendors lost time, resources and revenue.

Additionally, brand teams were not sharing learnings or best practices internally resulting in each brand often doing something “for the first time” that was a process or program feature which had already been implemented for another brand. Therefore, unnecessarily duplicating the effort.

Lastly, the customer wanted more marketing information, more qualified leads, more automated processes and less live agent calls.

The Solution
After a thorough RFP process, that included a review of more than ten vendors, the customer selected VCloud Interactive as their all-in-one Cloud IVR and Transcription provider. “Unlike many other vendors we reviewed, VCloud Interactive offered a single platform to use for all of our brands’ needs. This was a major distinguishing factor for us because it meant we would not have to duplicate functions, thus needlessly adding to the cost and complexity.”

The Results
The result was a new “center of excellence” where ideas, failures and successes were shared amongst the stakeholders.
• > $1 Million in vendor cost savings
• > 83% reduction in live agent calls
• > $1 Million annually saved per brand

What’s Next?
The client has already been utilizing VCloud Interactive’s “custom grammars” feature to capture difficult names such as various brand names and variations for each brand. Now it’s time to take the customer experience to the next level with VCI’s Artificial Intelligence and chatbot features. The first tasks will be frequently asked questions with the ability to find and order (email, text, etc.) a .pdf or word document.