Call Center
Achieve Agent Efficiency
The front lines of direct customer contact reside in the contact center. Too often the turnkey interactive voice response (IVR) product that is included in contact center suite software fails to provide good customer service; they’re not configurable or flexible at all.

Utilizing a hosted IVR solution allows you to easily upgrade your self-service IVR to something that is completely configurable and seamlessly integrates with the rest of your contact center software.

Step up your self-service game to handle your most frequent inquiries and tasks. This also frees up agents to focus more on complex cases, allowing you to do more with the agents you have. So opt for best-in-breed voice communications technology to improve customer experience and reduce operating costs.

Give Callers Control

A contact center IVR gives callers the control they need to efficiently resolve their issue. While it provides quick responses to routine inquiries, the system also gives callers the option to speak with agents for more complex cases.

Save Agents for Complex Cases

Implementing a communications platform in the contact center provides addition through subtraction. By automating the most frequent requests and inquiries, agents can focus their attention on providing high-touch service for more complicated cases.

Consistency Across Call Centers

The call center is the first point of contact for many organizations and customers alike. Voice automation lets companies create and maintain consistent messaging across multiple customer service teams or contact center facilities, producing a better customer experience from start to finish.

Reduce Repeat Calls

Voice-based automation significantly reduces the dissemination of misinformation by integrating with backend databases and uses them for real-time communications. Providing accurate information quickly improves first call resolution rates, eliminating the need for customers to call back.

Increase ROI

IVR is more cost effective on a per call basis than live agents. By decreasing the number of calls that agents need to answer automation saves money and boosts ROI.