Seamless Cloud IVR Solutions Without Limitations

Cloud IVR Solutions

VCloud Interactive IVR gives you the freedom to automate and control your most critical customer touchpoints.

Industry Leading Solutions

The VCloud Interactive platform makes it simple and cost effective to provide accessible customer service.

Cloud Security

Our 100% Cloud Infrastructure is designed to meet the strict security standards of our clients.

Services and Solutions unmatched in speed and flexibility


Every interaction between medical provider and patient is critical. VCloud’s communication platform provides the reliability to deliver your important communications consistantly. VCloud may also be the only platform that can keep up with your need for speed and flexibility.


Higher education institutions have numerous student engagement points that span across the entire student journey from enrollment to graduation.

Software & SaaS

Whether you already have software or SaaS applications it’s never been easier to add powerful easy-to-use VCloud Interavtice APIs.




In the retail industry, timing is everything. From advertising seasonal promotions to assisting customers with their shopping needs, being there for your shoppers and serving them efficiently and immediatley is critical to success.

Cloud Based Security

Our 100% Cloud Infrastructure is designed to meet the most stringent security standards.

All VCloud Interactive Solutions and Applications  are HIPAA Certified. 


Secure Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud IVR Solutions

The VCloud Interactive IVR gives you the freedom to automate and control your most critical customer touch points or business processes without having to manage a complex telephony infrastructure.

IVR Transcription

A well-scripted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can provide significant benefits to your customers by offering services around the clock, 24/7 including holidays, saving a business time and resources.

Call Center

The front lines of direct customer contact reside in the contact center. Too often the turn-key interactive voice response (IVR) product that is included in contact center software fails to meet basic requirments.

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VCloud Interactive – Cloud Based Security

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