Every interaction between medical provider and patient is critical.

VCloud’s communication platform provides the reliability and flexibility to deliver your most important communications, every time. VCloud may also be the only platform that can keep up with your need for speed and flexibility. We understand that regulation and marketing changes requires a technology that keeps up with the speed of business in a world where technology has typically dictated speed to the business.



 VCloud is both HIPAA and PCI-compliant, offering unmatched security. Whether your patients are relaying sensitive information or participating in wellness programs or clinical trials using the phone, with VCloud, that information is always safe and secure.



The feature-rich VCloud platform is ideal for building interactive voice response (IVR), outbound notifications, or SMS applications that make your healthcare communications more efficient and effective.

Card Activation

Enable patients to use their phones to activate a discount or trial card while waiting in line at the pharmacy. This allows patients to be connected to multiple data sources in one phone call vs an agent that needs to log into multiple screens.

Marketing Information Capture

Reverse Number lookup allows for a much better caller experience and a quicker call always means more accurate data. We use this and similar technologies to make the flow for enrollment programs, loyalty programs or opt in /out
Patient Reminders
Utilize outbound messaging to notify patients about upcoming appointments, offer automated re-scheduling options for missed appointments, or send payment reminders. A proactive approach to communications results in fewer missed appointments and delinquent payments.

Automated case creation or order taking by “phone enabling” your CRM or customer database
Automate a process by allowing callers to find out case information, make a payment, receive a form, or simply get any updated information on a case (where is my order?) without ever speaking with an agent.